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Who Does What?


von Heidi Viherjuuri & Nadja Sarell

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Auf die Wunschliste


Who gathers honey? Who designs clothes? Who makes lunch for students? So many jobs can be found in this delightful and satisfying sliding panel format for preschoolers. The 36 panels feature jobs in various settings: in the orchestra, at the market, at school, and more! Each new spread offers clues to the right responses and provides bite-size information. Slide the panels to reveal the answers. It’s match-and-learn fun for preschoolers!

ISBN: 9782408019709, ab 3 Jahre

Ausgabe: 14 Seiten, Hardcover

Verlag: Twirl


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Gewicht 0.515 kg
Größe 22.9 × 21 × 2 cm


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